BTS Now Claim Five Of The Top 20 Spots On iTunes With New Single ‘My Universe’


SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – APRIL 17: BTS is posing at a press conference marking the release of its new … [+] album “Map of the Soul Persona” at Dongdaemun Design Plaza in central Seoul on April 17, 2019 in Seoul, South Korea.(Photo by JTBC PLUS/Imazins via Getty Images)

Imazins via Getty Images

BTS have shown time and time again that they can sell a song like nobody else in the music business, especially in America, where streaming has largely taken over as the most popular way for the masses to consume music. In today’s all-streaming economy, the South Korean superstars are still able to rack up impressive sales figures, and now their latest release is proving to be a juggernaut in that space as well.

At the time of writing, five different versions of BTS and Coldplay’s newly-released single “My Universe” are present on the U.S. iTunes chart, with all of them impressively finding space inside the top 20.

Steady at No. 1 is the single version of “My Universe,” which quickly worked its way to the top spot and hasn’t moved since the tune was released this past Friday (September 24). The original cut is, expectedly, the most popular, and it will probably remain that way.

Earlier today (September 27), BTS and Colpdlya dropped additional new takes on the still-brand-new single, and both are selling well right out of the gate. The acoustic version of “My Universe” has already climbed to No. 8 on the American iTunes chart, and it could continue to ascend in the coming hours and even days.

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Just one rung below that striped down take is the album version of “My Universe,” which doesn’t appear to differ from the single edition in any meaningful way. Because they are technically present on different releases, fans can purchase both, and many devoted followers are doing just that.

Not too far outside the top 10 is the Supernova 7 remix of “My Universe,” which was released earlier today as well alongside the acoustic recording. That track is down at No. 14, though it may also improve its standing.

Rounding out BTS and Coldplay’s five huge sales hits on iTunes in America is the instrumental version of the single, which was unleashed last Friday as well. 

All versions of “My Universe” are sale-priced at just $0.69, making them even more attractive to listeners and potential buyers. Billboard will lump the purchases of all five takes into one entity, which likely means BTS and Coldplay will score a lofty debut on next week’s Hot 100, after the tune has enjoyed a full seven-day tracking period in which to rack up sales, streams and views.

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