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    Future of finance: US banks partner with crypto custodians

    Traditional financial institutions must work hand-in-hand with crypto custodians, sub-custodians and service providers moving forward. Grayscale Investments’ latest report “Reimagining the Future of Finance” defines the digital economy as “the intersection of technology and finance that’s increasingly defined by digital spaces, experiences, and transactions.” With this in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many… More

  • what-is-the-importance-of-blockchain-in-the-regtech-ecosystem?
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    What is the importance of blockchain in the RegTech ecosystem?

    RegTech enhances compliance for financial services institutions. This guide explains how blockchain works in banking to achieve this goal. What are the key areas where blockchain is adding value to the RegTech ecosystem?Financial regulators and service providers are looking for the best and most cost-effective solutions to help the banks and other financial institutions comply… More

  • wells-fargo-partners-with-hsbc-to-settle-fx-transactions-using-blockchain
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    Wells Fargo partners with HSBC to settle FX transactions using blockchain

    Juniper research report says cost savings for banks using blockchain tech could grow by 3,300% by 2030. Wells Fargo has partnered with HSBC to use its blockchain tools for the settlement of bilateral foreign exchange (FX) transactions.Wells Fargo would use the HSBC-developed FX Everywhere platform for interbank FX transactions. Developed by HSBC in 2018, the… More