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  • from-the-valley-to-oasis:-swiss-and-dubai-crypto-associations-team-up
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    From the valley to oasis: Swiss and Dubai crypto associations team up

    A partnership between the two cities’ blockchain associations will aim to connect businesses and foster growth in the sector. Switzerland-based Crypto Valley Association will partner with Dubai’s Crypto Oasis to collaborate in the ongoing development of the blockchain industry in both countries.The Crypto Valley Association (CVA), based in the Swiss Canton of Zug’s self-proclaimed “crypto… More

  • staking-on-polkadot,-explained
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    Staking on Polkadot, explained

    There’s a big buzz around staking right now — but when it comes to Polkadot, there’s a big difference between exchanges. Are there any other limitations to consider?Yes — as your funds may need to be locked up in order for rewards to be generated.With some non-custodial staking providers, you need to delegate a minimum… More

  • cardano-gets-listed-on-robinhood-but-ada-bulls-are-running-out-of-steam,-risking-40%-drop
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    Cardano gets listed on Robinhood but ADA bulls are running out of steam, risking 40% drop

    ADA prints modest upside moves that may run out of steam due to weak technicals and macro factors. ThCardano (ADA) market has witnessed back-to-back pieces of good news since Aug. 31, from its listing on Robinhood, a U.S.-based retail investment platform, to the release of its first lending and borrowing protocol, Aada Finance.Additionally, Cardano developer IOHK stated… More

  • what-is-a-seed-phrase-and-why-is-it-important?
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    What is a seed phrase and why is it important?

    It’s crucial to remember your seed phrase, which is a string of random words produced by your cryptocurrency wallet when you initially set it up. How to keep your seed phrase safeA crypto seed phrase in the wrong hands can do damage, so it is advisable to always ensure it is safe. The following are… More

  • who-accepts-ethereum-as-payment?
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    Who accepts Ethereum as payment?

    What makes Ethereum a reliable mode of payment? Find what makes Ether qualify as money, its advantages and the process of accepting ETH payments. Is there a possibility of a refund like traditional banks?If an ETH transaction fails or someone mistakenly sends it a wrong address, is there a provision of a refund?Ethereum does not… More

  • merkle-trees-vs.-verkle-trees,-explained
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    Merkle trees vs. Verkle trees, Explained

    This article helps you to understand the importance of and differences between Merkle vs. Verkle trees in blockchain. Merkle trees vs. Verkle treesThere are many differences between both types of trees, particularly in providing Merkle proofs and Verkle proofs.The whole set of sister nodes in a Merkle tree, including Merkle Patricia trees, constitutes evidence of… More

  • insta-rally!-flow-token-jumps-50%-amid-instagram-adoption-euphoria
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    Insta-rally! FLOW token jumps 50% amid Instagram adoption euphoria

    FLOW latest price rally has turned it into an “overbought” asset, which could amount to an imminent correction. Flow (FLOW) logged its best daily performance on Aug.4 after becoming the latest blockchain to support Instagram’s nonfungible token (NFT) features.Insta-made FLOW rallyMeta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Aug. 4 that Instagram had expanded its NFT support… More

  • reserve-bank-of-india-ranks-crypto-near-the-bottom-of-systemic-risks-despite-harsh-criticism
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    Reserve Bank of India ranks crypto near the bottom of systemic risks despite harsh criticism

    India’s central bank has been a vocal critic of cryptocurrencies over the years; it previously stated that CBDCs could thwart the adoption of digital assets. In its latest financial stability report published on Thursday, the Reserve Bank of India, or RBI, reiterated its skepticism of digital assets, writing: “We must be mindful of the emerging risks… More

  • defi-for-financial-services:-alex-tapscott’s-‘digital-asset-revolution’
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    DeFi for financial services: Alex Tapscott’s ‘Digital Asset Revolution’

    Alex Tapscott’s new book breaks down key DeFi concepts for business leaders. Decentralized finance (DeFi) has massive potential to transform traditional financial services. Data from Emergen Research recently found that the global DeFi platform market size is expected to reach $507 billion by 2028. Moreover, the total value locked within DeFi currently exceeds $75 billion, demonstrating fast-paced growth compared to previous… More

  • indian-blockchain-firm-5ire-secures-$100m-to-fund-sustainability-focused-project
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    Indian blockchain firm 5ire secures $100M to fund sustainability-focused project

    An Indian development firm looks to create a bridge between sustainability and blockchain technology with a proprietary layer-1 protocol incentivizing the use of UN sustainable development goals. An ambitious sustainability-based blockchain project has secured $100 million in a Series A funding round to drive its development.Indian entrepreneurs Pratik Gauri and Prateek Dwivedi have spearheaded the… More

  • can-metaverse-technology-enhance-human-ai-efficiency?
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    Can Metaverse technology enhance human-AI efficiency?

    How will AI be used in the metaverse? Can AI and blockchain work together? A dive into the future of AI aligned with blockchain. How does XR create deep collaboration in the metaverse?XR felicitates dynamic collaboration in the metaverse, enabling white-collar work in an intimate office environment.A metaverse driven by AI enables users to take… More

  • bis:-90%-of-central-banks-are-researching-the-utility-of-cbdcs
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    BIS: 90% of Central Banks are researching the utility of CBDCs

    The institution’s future monetary vision includes exploring innovations grounded in trust in central banks’ stable sovereign currencies and safe payment systems. In a new annual economic report published by the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the financial institution revealed that approximately 90% of central banks worldwide are investigating the feasibility of adopting central bank digital… More

  • crypto-privacy-is-in-greater-jeopardy-than-ever-before-—-here’s-why
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    Crypto privacy is in greater jeopardy than ever before — here’s why

    Many cryptocurrency hacks are targeted and deliberate, making them extremely dangerous if not addressed. Despite the latest technology, the world has yet to crack the code for privacy and security online. But that isn’t the only big problem we need to worry about.Hackers and robbers are tricking innocent users into giving up their private information… More

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