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  • amazon-seeks-new-exec-to-oversee-digital-currency-strategy
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    Amazon seeks new exec to oversee digital currency strategy

    The new Amazon position requires a deep understanding of the digital currency and cryptocurrency ecosystems and related technologies. Tech giant Amazon is looking to dive into digital currency and blockchain development with a new major hire within its payments-focused team.Amazon’s payments acceptance and experience team is seeking a digital currency and blockchain product lead to… More

  • south-china-morning-post-to-tokenize-118-year-old-archive-with-nfts
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    South China Morning Post to tokenize 118-year-old archive with NFTs

    Hong Kong landmarks like the Kowloon Walled City will be tokenized and showcased in The Sandbox Ethereum-based metaverse. Veteran Hong Kong-based newspaper South China Morning Post (SCMP) is creating a series of NFTs using a new token standard called “ARTIFACT,” designed to preserve historical assets on the blockchain.In its ARTIFACT Litepaper, SCMP presents an overview… More

  • blockchain-can-help-publishers-improve-audience-trust
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    Blockchain can help publishers improve audience trust

    By implementing timestamping and blockchain technology, media and publications can increase their readers’ assurance. Readers expect their news content to be reliable and trustworthy, yet many doubt it actually is. Readers cite issues like unchecked sources, rushing too fast to print, careless reporting and news sites being deliberately misleading as contributing to their eroding trust… More

  • $71b-in-crypto-has-reportedly-passed-through-‘blockchain-island’-malta-since-2017
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    $71B in crypto has reportedly passed through ‘blockchain island’ Malta since 2017

    The Financial Action Task Force, a membership body of 37 jurisdictions and two regional organizations, has flagged Malta’s initial push to attract cryptocurrency business as “problematic.” Malta’s strategy to become a global enclave for digital assets appears to be working, though lax regulatory oversight has raised concerns over money laundering and other financial crime. Roughly $71… More

  • concordium-aims-to-end-the-era-of-anonymity-in-crypto-industry
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    Concordium aims to end the era of anonymity in crypto industry

    Crypto and blockchain industries need to play by the rules to realize their full potential, Concordium CEO says. The anonymity of Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies is a hot topic in the crypto space. While the transactions are open to track in a public blockchain, it is challenging to link a transaction with a real-life… More