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  • crypto-needs-regulation-but-should-be-done-right:-report-and-database
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    Crypto needs regulation but should be done right: Report and database

    The absence of a well-defined regulatory landscape sows uncertainty in the crypto industry. What should the regulators do to set things right? Regulatory attitudes toward crypto are constantly evolving, often at a slower pace than the crypto industry itself. Institutions and the broader public will not seriously consider working with cryptocurrencies without clear and comprehensive… More

  • anchor-protocol-rebounds-sharply-after-falling-70%-in-just-two-months-— what’s-next-for-anc?
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    Anchor Protocol rebounds sharply after falling 70% in just two months — what’s next for ANC?

    The total value locked inside the Anchor Protocol’s liquidity pools reached an all-time high earlier this week. Anchor Protocol (ANC) returned to its bullish form this May after plunging by over 70% in the previous two months. Pullback risks aheadANC’s price rebounded by a little over 42.50% between May 1 and May 6, reaching $2.26, its… More

  • avalanche-(avax)-loses-30%+-in-april,-but-its-defi-footprint-leaves-room-to-be-bullish
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    Avalanche (AVAX) loses 30%+ in April, but its DeFi footprint leaves room to be bullish

    AVAX is trading below $65, but the network’s large DeFi ecosystem and DApp use are reflective of its strong fundamentals. Avalanche (AVAX) price is down more than 30% in April, but despite the negative price move, the smart contract platform remains a top contender for decentralized applications due to its scalability, low-cost transactions and its… More

  • fireblocks-expands-institutional-access-to-terra’s-defi-ecosystem
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    Fireblocks expands institutional access to Terra’s DeFi ecosystem

    Investors in the Fireblocks’ Early Access Program put up close to $250 million into the Terra DeFi ecosystem within the first 72 hours of its integration going live. Fireblocks, a digital asset custody platform, announced that it has enabled institutional decentralized finance (DeFi) access to Terra (LUNA), the second-largest DeFi protocol by total value locked… More

  • the-integration-of-cefi-and-defi-through-binance-bridge-2.0
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    The integration of CeFi and DeFi through Binance Bridge 2.0

    Read this guide to learn how to bridge assets from any blockchain to BNB Chain using Binance Bridge 2.0. Integration of CeFi and DeFi through Binance Bridge 2.0DeFi is driving the development of cutting-edge Web3 use cases such as nonfungible tokens (NFTs), gaming and the metaverse. With the Binance Bridge 2.0, DeFi can be brought… More

  • ava-labs-raises-$350m-at-$5.25b-valuation:-report
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    Ava Labs raises $350M at $5.25B valuation: Report

    The raise comes as total value locked on the Avalanche blockchain remains steady at around $14.6 billion. According to a report published by Bloomberg on Thursday, Ava Labs is en route to raising a new round of funding for $350 million at a valuation of $5.25 billion. Details of the agreement have not been made… More

  • aussie-fintech-to-offer-mainstream-direct-access-to-defi-with-a-fixed-rate
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    Aussie fintech to offer mainstream direct access to DeFi with a fixed rate

    Taking the “heavy lifting” out of DeFi — Block Earner has received $6.4 million in seed funding and is ready to offer fixed yields from Aave and Compound to Australian investors. Australian fintech company Block Earner has officially gone live, offering everyday investors a 7% fixed rate investment product by utilizing decentralized finance (DeFi) technology.Block… More

  • layer-2-address-activity-slows,-but-arbitrum-bucks-the-trend
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    Layer 2 address activity slows, but Arbitrum bucks the trend

    Layer two activity is cooling for most networks, but Arbitrum has seen an increase in TVL and active addresses recently. On-chain activity for the leading Layer 2 networks has been declining recently, however, the Arbitrum platform is bucking the trend according to recent findings.Blockchain analytics firm Nansen has reported that seven-day activity in terms of… More

  • finance-redefined:-wonderland-reveal-and-wormhole-hacked,-jan-28–feb.-4
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    Finance Redefined: Wonderland reveal and Wormhole hacked, Jan. 28–Feb. 4

    Wonderland endured a turbulent week of revelations and risks closure, Wormhole was hacked for the second-highest ever DeFi sum, and the Ethereum hash rate hits a new high — all coming to you in this week’s Finance Redefined. Welcome to the latest edition of Cointelegraph’s decentralized finance newsletter.It’s been a tumultuous week of doxxing, hacks,… More

  • qubit-finance-suffers-$80-million-loss-following-hack
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    Qubit Finance suffers $80 million loss following hack

    The addresses linked to the hack attack have managed to steal 206,809 Binance Coin from Qubit’s QBridge protocol. High-profile hacks have become more prevalent throughout the cryptocurrency market, and Qubit Finance is one of the latest decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols to be exploited by hackers.Hackers were able to access and steal over $80 million from… More

  • what-are-flash-loans-in-defi?
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    What are flash loans in DeFi?

    Flash loans, though relatively new, are quickly rising in popularity. Learn more about these uncollateralized-type loans in crypto in the article below. How can DeFi systems protect themselves from flash loan attacks?A large majority of DeFi hacks are flash loan attacks. Since the technology is new, vulnerabilities are not readily apparent and may require skilled… More

  • finance-redefined:-secret’s-$400m-fund-and-1inch-expanding,-jan.-14–21
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    Finance Redefined: Secret’s $400M fund and 1inch expanding, Jan. 14–21

    Secret Network launched a $400 million DeFi fund and 1inch integrated Avalanche and Gnosis protocols — all coming to you in this week’s Finance Redefined. Welcome to the latest edition of Cointelegraph’s decentralized finance newsletter.Following a bearish decline for many of the leading decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens, it is within the fundamental news where the… More

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