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    Tax-Smart Charitable Giving Before You Retire

    You’ve had a successful career and you’re almost ready to retire. While still in your peak earning years, is there a tax efficient way to give back? During this time, when you’re in a high tax bracket, charitable giving can both benefit others and help you set yourself up for retirement. With some planning, everyone… More

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    Using A Solo 401(k) For The Soon-To-Retire Entrepreneur

    The Roth IRA Peter Thiel used to amass billions in tax-free dollars has renewed interest in using tax-advantaged retirement plans as a means for accumulating wealth. What hangs up entrepreneurs is they don’t want to set aside wealth only to have it be taxed away. Whether you think of this as greed or good business,… More

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    5 Weird Ways To Make Extra $$

    Portrait of pretty charming positive cute successful lucky cheerful girl standing under shower from … [+] money having a lot of money in hands isolated on pink background getty Looking to make a little extra cash? Is the stimulus check not doing it for ya? I love a side hustle, I really do. But they… More

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    What Makes A Unicorn Founder? Not What Silicon Valley’s Conventional Wisdom Says.

    Ali Tamaseb’s research found that tinkerers of any age or background are most likely to start a … [+] “unicorn.” ©Ben Krantz Studio Venture capitalist Ali Tamaseb is working to do away with some classic tech founder tropes. The college dropout. The classic sales-minded and technical co-founder tandem. The visionary who creates a new market… More

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    How To Protect Your Investment Portfolio In 2021

    Human hand stacking generic coins over a black background with hexagonal golden shapes. Concept of … [+] investment management and portfolio diversification. Composite image between a hand photography and a 3D background. getty An unlikely set of investors drew worldwide attention when they banded together, via social media platforms, to drive up the value of… More

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    Top 3 Lessons For Financial Independence

    Jeff Sekinger, CEO of 0 Percent which helps people reach financial independence 0 Percent Since 2018, Jeff Sekinger has helped several thousands of people through his company, 0 Percent, which offers financial consulting services to help people leverage business credit so they can fund their entrepreneurial ambitions. In the last three years, he has grown… More