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  • iran’s-tax-authority-wants-to-legalize-crypto-exchanges
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    Iran’s tax authority wants to legalize crypto exchanges

    The Iranian tax agency has called for establishing a legal framework for crypto trading platforms so they can be taxed properly. The Iranian National Tax Administration (INTA) is pushing to establish a legal framework for the taxation of crypto trading platforms operating in the country, according to a new proposal by the country’s tax authority.Two… More

  • crypto-experts-see-bitcoin-replacing-fiat-money-in-20-years
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    Crypto experts see Bitcoin replacing fiat money in 20 years

    In a new survey, a number of cryptocurrency and fintech professionals expected a “hyperbitcoinization” to take place by 2040. Bitcoin’s (BTC) current price slump has failed to dampen some experts’ optimism regarding the world’s biggest cryptocurrency. In a new survey by personal finance comparison platform, half of the respondents believe Bitcoin will surpass fiat money, or… More

  • iranian-president-calls-for-legal-framework-for-crypto-trading
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    Iranian president calls for legal framework for crypto trading

    Iran President Hassan Rouhani wants to protect national interests regarding crypto. Iran is looking for ways to introduce a legal framework for cryptocurrencies, while Bitcoin (BTC) mining remains under embargo in the country. During the cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board meeting on Tuesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani emphasized the need to legalize cryptocurrency activities to preserve and… More