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    Law Decoded: Competing narratives around crypto clash on the Earth Day, April 19-26

    The future of crypto adoption will largely depend on which of the competing narratives about digital assets and blockchain’s environmental effects prevails. Regulation by enforcement, a fast and economical substitute for thorough rulemaking, is widely regarded as some of the U.S. executive agencies’ preeminent approach to crypto regulation. It could be summed up as letting… More

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    Texas regulators order virtual casino to stop selling NFTs

    The State Security Board considers the sale of 11,111 NFTs a “high-tech fraudulent securities offering.” A virtual, Cyprus-registered casino, Sand Vegas Casino Club, faced an emergency cease and desist order from Texas and Alabama state securities regulators. The company is ordered to “stop a fraudulent investment scheme tied to metaverses.” On April 13, the Texas State… More

  • unhosted-is-unwelcome:-eu’s-attack-on-noncustodial-wallets-is-part-of-a-larger-trend
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    Unhosted is unwelcome: EU’s attack on noncustodial wallets is part of a larger trend

    Regulators on both sides of the Atlantic seem to be nervous about people transacting with their wallets. Last week, the European Parliament’s Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) and the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) voted in favor of a regulatory update that could compromise the exchange platforms’ ability to… More

  • ally-or-suspect?-the-war-in-ukraine-as-a-stress-test-for-the-crypto-industry
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    Ally or suspect? The war in Ukraine as a stress test for the crypto industry

    Crypto execs signal their readiness to comply with sanctions, but decentralization itself puts crypto in a vulnerable position. It has been two weeks since Russia kicked off the first large-scale military action in Europe in the 21st century — a so-called “special operation” in Ukraine. The military conflict immediately triggered devastating sanctions against the Russian… More

  • future-of-finance:-us-banks-partner-with-crypto-custodians
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    Future of finance: US banks partner with crypto custodians

    Traditional financial institutions must work hand-in-hand with crypto custodians, sub-custodians and service providers moving forward. Grayscale Investments’ latest report “Reimagining the Future of Finance” defines the digital economy as “the intersection of technology and finance that’s increasingly defined by digital spaces, experiences, and transactions.” With this in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many… More

  • sec-v.-ripple:-here’s-how-two-2012-memos-can-turn-the-tide-in-the-milestone-crypto-case
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    SEC v. Ripple: Here’s how two 2012 memos can turn the tide in the milestone crypto case

    We will soon know if Ripple’s executives were warned of the possibility of an SEC lawsuit ahead of XRP’s launch. Ripple’s court battle with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission has recently seen new developments that, according to some observers, could foreshadow an impending resolution of this massively consequential case. Feb. 17 marks the… More

  • averted-a-year-ago,-controversial-transaction-monitoring-rule-is-back-on-treasury’s-radar
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    Averted a year ago, controversial transaction monitoring rule is back on Treasury’s radar

    The Treasury will consider imposing KYC regulations on transactions involving self-custodied wallets. As the Department of the Treasury has announced its regulatory agenda for the fiscal year on Jan. 31, many in the Web3 space have likely experienced flashbacks to December 2020, when the agency had first proposed to impose Know Your Customer, or KYC,… More

  • law-decoded:-a-different-congress-hearing,-dec.-6–13
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    Law Decoded: A different Congress hearing, Dec. 6–13

    Direct exchanges between U.S. lawmakers and the crypto industry could be finally taking a constructive turn. The biggest regulatory story of the week was a United States House Committee on Financial Services hearing squarely focused on crypto. Even the event’s title — “Digital Assets and the Future of Finance: Understanding the Challenges and Benefits of… More

  • law-decoded:-bitcoin-exchange-traded-funds-are-put-on-the-spot-again,-nov-29–dec.-6
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    Law Decoded: Bitcoin exchange-traded funds are put on the spot again, Nov. 29–Dec. 6

    The Securities and Exchange Commission’s continued resistance to spot Bitcoin ETFs draws industry players’ ire. Do you remember the time when a fleeting mention of Bitcoin, stablecoins or even central bank digital currencies by a top-ranking government official was considered major news all over the cryptoverse? Feels like it’s been forever. As we find ourselves… More

  • how-will-doj’s-new-crypto-enforcement-team-change-the-game-for-industry-players,-good-and-bad?
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    How will DOJ’s new crypto enforcement team change the game for industry players, good and bad?

    In a bid to catch up with cybercriminals, the Justice Department is pooling all crypto expertise in one place. On Oct. 6, the United States Department of Justice, or DOJ, announced the creation of a specialized unit, the National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team, or NCET, tasked with prosecuting criminal misuses of digital assets and crypto infrastructure,… More

  • cftc-slaps-tether-and-bitfinex-with-a-combined-$42.5-million-fine
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    CFTC slaps Tether and Bitfinex with a combined $42.5 million fine

    The settlement triggered concerns that the CFTC’s role in stablecoin regulation could be misunderstood by the public. On Oct. 15, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, or CFTC, handed sister crypto companies Tether and Bitfinex fines totaling $41 million and $1.5 million, respectively, citing violations of the Commodity Exchange Act, or CEA, and of a prior CFTC… More