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  • elusive-bitcoin-etf:-hester-peirce-criticizes-lack-of-legal-clarity-for-crypto
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    Elusive Bitcoin ETF: Hester Peirce criticizes lack of legal clarity for crypto

    SEC Commissioner and “Crypto Mom” Hester Peirce criticized the SEC on its regulatory guidance, but noted that change is possible if investors and regulators work together. The crypto sector may be maturing, but regulatory clarity around the treatment of digital assets continues to remain cumbersome. This was recently highlighted by Commissioner Hester Peirce — also known… More

  • chinese-chip-designer-reportedly-filed-for-$50m-nasdaq-ipo

    Chinese chip designer reportedly filed for $50M Nasdaq IPO

    Chinese mining chip designer Nano Labs has applied for an initial public offering (IPO) in the United States to raise $50 million on Nasdaq amid sluggish market conditions. Chinese mining chip designer Nano Labs has applied for an initial public offering (IPO) in the United States to raise $50 million on Nasdaq amid sluggish market… More

  • eu-officials-considered-btc-trading-ban-to-enforce-proposed-mining-ban

    EU officials considered BTC trading ban to enforce proposed mining ban

    Previously unseen documents detailing the EU’s conversations around banning Bitcoin have come to light following a freedom of information request. European Union officials discussed banning Bitcoin (BTC) trading during a debate on a proposal to ban proof-of-work (PoW) mining, according to documents obtained through a freedom of information request. According to a report published by German digital culture… More

  • texas-regulators-order-virtual-casino-to-stop-selling-nfts
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    Texas regulators order virtual casino to stop selling NFTs

    The State Security Board considers the sale of 11,111 NFTs a “high-tech fraudulent securities offering.” A virtual, Cyprus-registered casino, Sand Vegas Casino Club, faced an emergency cease and desist order from Texas and Alabama state securities regulators. The company is ordered to “stop a fraudulent investment scheme tied to metaverses.” On April 13, the Texas State… More

  • with-inflation-going-through-the-roof,-sudan’s-central-bank-cautions-citizens-against-using-crypto

    With inflation going through the roof, Sudan’s central bank cautions citizens against using crypto

    Sudanese financial regulator considers cryptocurrencies to be the source of “high risks” as the demand grows. The Central Bank of Sudan (CBOS) cautioned the country’s citizens against dealing with “all types of cryptocurrencies” due to “the high risks” that they pose. This announcement came as a reaction to the increasing interest in digital assets among… More

  • president-bukele-hits-out-at-bitcoin-bond-‘fud’-as-cz-jets-in-to-el-salvador
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    President Bukele hits out at Bitcoin Bond ‘FUD’ as CZ jets in to El Salvador

    El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele publicly called out Reuters for spreading “FUD” about delays in the country’s $1 billion volcano bond. El Salvador President Nayib Bukele took to Twitter on Wednesday evening, hitting out at a Reuters report claiming Binance CEO Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao was flying in to save El Salvador’s Bitcoin Bond.“Please don’t spread… More

  • it’s-official:-binance-secures-a-license-to-operate-in-dubai
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    It’s official: Binance secures a license to operate in Dubai

    It becomes the company’s second license in a Middle East jurisdiction obtained this week. Cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced on Wednesday that it had been granted a license to operate in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company’s presence in the Middle East has been building up lately, with a crypto service provider license in another Gulf… More

  • ally-or-suspect?-the-war-in-ukraine-as-a-stress-test-for-the-crypto-industry
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    Ally or suspect? The war in Ukraine as a stress test for the crypto industry

    Crypto execs signal their readiness to comply with sanctions, but decentralization itself puts crypto in a vulnerable position. It has been two weeks since Russia kicked off the first large-scale military action in Europe in the 21st century — a so-called “special operation” in Ukraine. The military conflict immediately triggered devastating sanctions against the Russian… More

  • bank-of-israel-issues-draft-guidelines-on-cryptocurrency-aml/cft

    Bank of Israel issues draft guidelines on cryptocurrency AML/CFT

    Private banks could be required to conduct risk assessments on case-by-case basis. On Friday, the Bank of Israel published a draft regulation on Anti-Money-Laundering and Combatting the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) risk management for the banks facilitating crypto-to-fiat transactions.The move hints at the Israeli government’s preparations to legalize and regulate the relationship between banks and virtual… More

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