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  • bitcoin-based-security-token-offering-approved-in-germany
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    Bitcoin-based security token offering approved in Germany

    Germany joins countries such as France, Luxembourg, Spain and Portugal by greenlighting the Bitcoin-based EXOeu token. German financial regulators have approved a security token offering (STO) based on a Bitcoin (BTC) sidechain.Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has greenlighted the EXOeu token by game publisher Exordium, making local retail investors eligible to participate in the sale… More

  • survey-finds-europeans-want-home-countries-to-regulate-crypto,-not-eu

    Survey finds Europeans want home countries to regulate crypto, not EU

    A recent poll regarding European cryptocurrency policy saw the participation of 31,000 respondents across 12 member states of the European Union. A large-scale poll across 12 European Union member states revealed that a majority of Europeans would prefer local governments to create and regulate cryptocurrencies. Redfield & Wilton Strategies carried out a survey for Euronews, polling 31,000 respondents… More

  • brazil’s-central-bank-president-endorses-crypto-regulation

    Brazil’s central bank president endorses crypto regulation

    Central bank head Roberto Campos Neto recognizes the demand for greater crypto regulation as the country evolves in the market. Speaking at an online event organized by the Council of the Americas, Roberto Campos Neto, president of the Central Bank of Brazil, shared his views on transparent payments networks, the country’s central bank digital currency project and crypto… More

  • gosats-launches-bitcoin-cashback-rewards-card-in-india

    GoSats launches Bitcoin cashback rewards card in India

    Users will be able to earn yield paid in BTC on all the rewards they’ve accumulated through the app. Bitcoin (BTC) rewards company GoSats has launched a new cashback rewards card for customers in India, potentially setting the stage for wider mainstream adoption of digital assets in the world’s second-most populated country. The new product is… More

  • crypto-community-in-shock-over-brian-brooks’

    Crypto community in shock over Brian Brooks’ resignation from Binance.US

    Changpeng Zhao said Brooks stepping down would not “impact Binance.US customers in any way.” The cryptocurrency community has different thoughts. After serving as the chief executive officer of major cryptocurrency exchange Binance.US for less than four months, Brian Brooks announced Friday he would be stepping down — a move that was greeted with confusion and… More

  • binance-will-‘work-with-regulators’-as-it-expands,-says-ceo

    Binance will ‘work with regulators’ as it expands, says CEO

    “We want to be licensed everywhere,” said Changpeng Zhao. Changpeng Zhao, the chief executive officer of Binance, has said he wants the major cryptocurrency exchange to work with local regulators as it establishes regional headquarters.According to a Tuesday report from Reuters, Zhao, also known as CZ, hinted Binance would depart from its decentralized approach to… More

  • texas-alleges-that-blockfi-is-offering-unregistered-securities

    Texas alleges that BlockFi is offering unregistered securities

    The state’s financial regulator join its counterparts in New Jersey and Alabama in taking action against the crypto lending platform. The Texas State Securities Board has filed for a hearing with the potential to impose a cease and desist order against crypto lending firm BlockFi for not offering a security licensed at the state or… More

  • australian-digital-finance-industry-wants-to-legally-recognize-daos
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    Australian digital finance industry wants to legally recognize DAOs

    A new legal initiative in Australia wants to allow DAO project governors to contract with other legal entities through DeFi tools. Specialists and lawyers focused on decentralized finance (DeFi) are launching an initiative to create a new type of legal entity in Australia representing decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).The country’s Digital Law Association and global law… More

  • italian-finance-regulator-issues-warning-on-binance-crypto-exchange

    Italian finance regulator issues warning on Binance crypto exchange

    Italian Companies and Exchange Commission has warned that Binance is not authorized to facilitate crypto investment services in the country. Italy’s securities market regulator, the Italian Companies and Exchange Commission (CONSOB), has issued a statement, in which it said that Binance Group and affiliated companies are unauthorized to provide investment services and operate in Italy.The regulator specified… More

  • paraguayan-lawmakers-to-present-bitcoin-bill-on-july-14

    Paraguayan lawmakers to present Bitcoin bill on July 14

    El Salvador’s decision to accept Bitcoin as legal tender in June appears to be influencing lawmakers across the region to begin exploring their own cryptocurrency strategy. Paraguay is next in line to introduce new crypto-focused legislation. Paraguayan Congressman Carlitos Rejala and Senator Fernando Silva Facetti are planning to introduce a Bitcoin (BTC) bill to Congress… More

  • mexico-may-not-be-following-el-salvador’s-example-on-bitcoin…-yet

    Mexico may not be following El Salvador’s example on Bitcoin… yet

    A warning from the country’s financial regulators seemed to be specifically targeting Ricardo Salinas Pliego, who on Sunday said he would explore his bank accepting Bitcoin. Authorities behind financial regulation in Mexico have warned against financial institutions handling cryptocurrencies, saying digital assets are still not considered legal tender in the country.In a Monday press conference,… More

  • sec-inquiry-regarding-robinhood’s-crypto-business-reportedly-delays-ipo

    SEC inquiry regarding Robinhood’s crypto business reportedly delays IPO

    Robinhood had initially hoped to begin its public offering after American investors returned from the July 4 holidays. Major cryptocurrency and stock trading app Robinhood is reportedly struggling to move forward with its initial public offering due to an ongoing review from securities regulators.According to a Thursday report by Bloomberg, the United States Securities and… More

  • banks-fall-in-line-as-china’s-central-bank-cracks-down-on-crypto-accounts

    Banks fall in line as China’s central bank cracks down on crypto accounts

    AgBank — the world’s third-largest bank by assets — has indicated it will follow the PBoC’s cue and work to stamp out its clients’ crypto-related activities. The Agriculture Bank of China (AgBank) — the world’s third-largest bank by assets — is set to implement Beijing’s firm anti-cryptocurrency measures and rigorously vet its clients to ensure… More

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