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  • chinese-blockchain-project-bsn-expands-to-turkey-and-uzbekistan

    Chinese blockchain project BSN expands to Turkey and Uzbekistan

    Chinese blockchain project BSN comes to Turkey and Uzbekistan after launching the BSN Hong Kong and Macau portal. The Chinese government-backed blockchain project, the Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN), continues expanding its global presence by setting up two new portals in Turkey and Uzbekistan.Red Date Technology, the architect behind the BSN project, has signed an agreement… More

  • bitmain-stops-shipment-of-antminer-crypto-mining-rigs-into-china

    Bitmain stops shipment of Antminer crypto mining rigs into China

    Bitmain plans to identify green energy mining opportunities from power generation projects in Chinese provinces. Bitmain, a Chinese manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining equipment, has been forced to stop its business in China from Oct. 11 following the crypto ban imposed by local authorities.In addition to China’s blanket ban on crypto operations, the company has attributed… More

  • tether-fires-back-against-report-it-is-using-reserves-for-investments-and-making-crypto-backed-loans
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    Tether fires back against report it is using reserves for investments and making crypto-backed loans

    “If those loans fail, even a small percentage of them, one Tether would become worth less than $1,” said Bloomberg reporter Zeke Faux. Tether (USDT), the largest stablecoin issuer by market capitalization, has refuted the details of a Bloomberg story on its reserves holdings.In a Thursday report, Bloomberg journalist Zeke Faux made numerous claims against… More

  • dydx-gains-80%-in-a-week-—-what’s-driving-the-dex-token-rally?

    DYDX gains 80% in a week — What’s driving the DEX token rally?

    Traders raised their bids for the decentralized exchange token, believing it would benefit from China’s decision to classify all crypto transactions as “illegal.” Decentralized exchange dYdX’s native token DYDX surged by nearly 80% this week as traders assessed its potential against China’s recent ban on crypto transactions.The DYDX price hit a new high of $26.50… More

  • another-ethereum-mining-pool-forced-to-close-due-to-china-crackdown
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    Another Ethereum mining pool forced to close due to China crackdown

    BeePool, the fourth-largest Ethereum mining pool will shut down operations following Beijing’s anti-crypto posture. BeePool, the fourth-largest Ether (ETH) mining pool, is closing amid China’s crypto crackdown.The China-based Ether mining pool announced on Tuesday it would suspend operations “in response to the latest regulatory policies.”Effective immediately, the registration of new users and the addition of… More

  • sound-familiar?-september-2017-china-bitcoin-‘ban’-sparked-$20k-all-time-high-in-3-months
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    Sound familiar? September 2017 China Bitcoin ‘ban’ sparked $20K all-time high in 3 months

    The latest debacle over China’s anti-crypto stance has a firm historical echo to it — and old hands are more than aware. Bitcoin (BTC) dipped deeper to challenge $40,000 support during Sept. 24 as the dust settled on what analysts stressed was a false alarm from China.BTC/USD 1-hour candle chart (Bitstamp). Source: TradingViewA classic bull… More

  • chinese-regulators-unite-forces-to-crack-down-on-crypto
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    Chinese regulators unite forces to crack down on crypto

    The Chinese central bank is setting up a “coordination mechanism” with state agencies to continue battling crypto. The Chinese government is getting more serious about cracking down on the cryptocurrency industry as state authorities are bringing forces to combat crypto operations in the country.The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) officially announced on Friday a set of… More

  • old-fud,-new-btc-price-dip-—-weeks-old-china-crypto-‘ban’-sparks-bitcoin-price-drop-to-$42k
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    Old FUD, new BTC price dip — Weeks-old China crypto ‘ban’ sparks Bitcoin price drop to $42K

    Old news suddenly gets picked up on social media, sparking an instant crypto price crash. Bitcoin (BTC) suddenly lost $2,000 in an hour on Sept. 24 as what appeared to be old news over a Chinese regulatory ban hit social media.BTC/USD 1-hour candle chart (Bitstamp). Source: TradingViewBitcoin vs. China: Don’t believe the “FUD”Data from Cointelegraph… More

  • crypto-adoption-is-a-‘huge-challenge,’-says-chinese-central-bank-exec

    Crypto adoption is a ‘huge challenge,’ says Chinese central bank exec

    PBoC maintains its anti-crypto stance despite local players experimenting with digital yuan-pegged stablecoins. The rapid adoption of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) poses a major challenge for the traditional financial system, an executive at the Chinese central bank has warned.Wen Xinxiang, director of the payment and settlement department at the People’s Bank of China (PBoC), has… More

  • china’s-new-blockchain-infrastructure-to-digitize-securities-and-futures
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    China’s new blockchain infrastructure to digitize securities and futures

    Chinese regulators held a meeting in Beijing to promote blockchain development, which was first mentioned in China’s 14th Five-Year Plan. Chinese regulators, including the Securities Association of China and the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), held a meeting in Beijing to promote blockchain technology in the securities industry and discuss regulations.In the symposium organized by… More

  • china-to-‘maintain-a-high-pressure-situation’-on-crypto,-official-says

    China to ‘maintain a high-pressure situation’ on crypto, official says

    An official at the People’s Bank of China said that the public should increase its risk awareness and stay away from crypto investments. China has reportedly doubled down on its crypto crackdown with a public reminder stating that Bitcoin (BTC) and other digital currencies “are not legal tender and have no actual value.”In a local… More

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