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  • vibe-killers:-here-are-the-countries-that-moved-to-outlaw-crypto-in-the-past-year

    Vibe killers: Here are the countries that moved to outlaw crypto in the past year

    From Bolivia to China, governments sought to restrict crypto-related activity for various reasons and with different tools. Last week, Pakistan’s Sindh High Court held a hearing on the legal status of digital currencies that might lead an outright ban of cryptocurrency trading combined with penalties against crypto exchanges. Several days later, the Central Bank of… More

  • nft-sales-and-blockchain-games-continue-to-grow-despite-the-recent-market-slump:-report
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    NFT sales and blockchain games continue to grow despite the recent market slump: Report

    Gen Z and growing interest throughout Asia have helped NFTs to shine brightly amidst volatility, according to a report from DappRadar. January 2022 continues to be rough for crypto investors as current markets see turbulent fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies. Some have attributed the slump to recent federal intentions to introduce new… More

  • china’s-state-run-news-agency-to-launch-nft-collection
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    China’s state-run news agency to launch NFT collection

    Despite central bank officials’ call for heavy monitoring, Chinese state-run news agency Xinhua is launching an NFT collection. In an announcement made on Wednesday, China’s official Xinhua News Agency will issue its first series of nonfungible token (NFT) collectibles. The move is a thumbs up to blockchain technology previously shunned by the People’s Republic of… More

  • chinese-crypto-ban-poses-no-threat-to-local-industry-media,-sources-say
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    Chinese crypto ban poses no threat to local industry media, sources say

    Chinese crypto media are reportedly keeping a low profile on their websites and are focusing on growing communities on Twitter and Telegram. While some major Chinese cryptocurrency-related publications seem to be shutting down, a number continue to be run by local news agencies that have switched to social media like Twitter.China’s most recent crypto ban… More

  • china-warns-state-owned-enterprises-to-cease-involvement-in-bitcoin-mining

    China warns state-owned enterprises to cease involvement in Bitcoin mining

    China is considering imposing harsh penalties on state-owned firms that continue mining cryptocurrencies. China is pressuring its own state-owned businesses to cease mining cryptocurrencies, and the government is considering harsh penalties on firms that continue, including higher energy expenses.According to reports, Meng Wei, a spokesperson for the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), said at a… More

  • chinese-blockchain-project-bsn-expands-to-turkey-and-uzbekistan

    Chinese blockchain project BSN expands to Turkey and Uzbekistan

    Chinese blockchain project BSN comes to Turkey and Uzbekistan after launching the BSN Hong Kong and Macau portal. The Chinese government-backed blockchain project, the Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN), continues expanding its global presence by setting up two new portals in Turkey and Uzbekistan.Red Date Technology, the architect behind the BSN project, has signed an agreement… More

  • bitmain-stops-shipment-of-antminer-crypto-mining-rigs-into-china

    Bitmain stops shipment of Antminer crypto mining rigs into China

    Bitmain plans to identify green energy mining opportunities from power generation projects in Chinese provinces. Bitmain, a Chinese manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining equipment, has been forced to stop its business in China from Oct. 11 following the crypto ban imposed by local authorities.In addition to China’s blanket ban on crypto operations, the company has attributed… More

  • tether-fires-back-against-report-it-is-using-reserves-for-investments-and-making-crypto-backed-loans
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    Tether fires back against report it is using reserves for investments and making crypto-backed loans

    “If those loans fail, even a small percentage of them, one Tether would become worth less than $1,” said Bloomberg reporter Zeke Faux. Tether (USDT), the largest stablecoin issuer by market capitalization, has refuted the details of a Bloomberg story on its reserves holdings.In a Thursday report, Bloomberg journalist Zeke Faux made numerous claims against… More

  • dydx-gains-80%-in-a-week-—-what’s-driving-the-dex-token-rally?

    DYDX gains 80% in a week — What’s driving the DEX token rally?

    Traders raised their bids for the decentralized exchange token, believing it would benefit from China’s decision to classify all crypto transactions as “illegal.” Decentralized exchange dYdX’s native token DYDX surged by nearly 80% this week as traders assessed its potential against China’s recent ban on crypto transactions.The DYDX price hit a new high of $26.50… More

  • another-ethereum-mining-pool-forced-to-close-due-to-china-crackdown
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    Another Ethereum mining pool forced to close due to China crackdown

    BeePool, the fourth-largest Ethereum mining pool will shut down operations following Beijing’s anti-crypto posture. BeePool, the fourth-largest Ether (ETH) mining pool, is closing amid China’s crypto crackdown.The China-based Ether mining pool announced on Tuesday it would suspend operations “in response to the latest regulatory policies.”Effective immediately, the registration of new users and the addition of… More

  • sound-familiar?-september-2017-china-bitcoin-‘ban’-sparked-$20k-all-time-high-in-3-months
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    Sound familiar? September 2017 China Bitcoin ‘ban’ sparked $20K all-time high in 3 months

    The latest debacle over China’s anti-crypto stance has a firm historical echo to it — and old hands are more than aware. Bitcoin (BTC) dipped deeper to challenge $40,000 support during Sept. 24 as the dust settled on what analysts stressed was a false alarm from China.BTC/USD 1-hour candle chart (Bitstamp). Source: TradingViewA classic bull… More

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