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  • newly-found-monero-bug-may-impact-transaction-privacy,-developers-warn

    Newly found Monero bug may impact transaction privacy, developers warn

    Monero developers are working on a software fix for a newly identified bug that may expose the occurrence of an output transaction made right away after receiving funds. Developers of privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) have identified a bug that could potentially impact users’ transaction privacy.On Monday, the official Monero Twitter account warned users of a… More

  • bitmart-seeks-restraining-order-to-prevent-hackers-from-selling-fake-bsv

    Bitmart seeks restraining order to prevent hackers from selling fake BSV

    The owner of crypto exchange Bitmart has asked a New York judge to intervene to prevent hackers from selling the fraud-begotten coins on the open market. The owner of crypto exchange Bitmart has filed a bid for pre-arbitration injunctive relief to prevent Chinese hackers from making illicit transfers using fraudulent Bitcoin SV (BSV) on its… More

  • huobi-winds-down-former-exchange-operator-in-china

    Huobi winds down former exchange operator in China

    Huobi’s move follows a similar decision by crypto exchange OKEx, which resolved to dissolve its China-based entity in late June. Stakeholders in the Chinese firm that was founded to operate cryptocurrency exchange Huobi have resolved to dissolve the entity, according to publicly available records.The firm, Beijing Huobi Tianxia Network Technology Ltd., was established in late… More

  • kazakhstan-to-reportedly-allow-banks-to-process-crypto-purchases

    Kazakhstan to reportedly allow banks to process crypto purchases

    A new project in Kazakhstan aims to enable local crypto businesses to provide crypto investment services legally. The government of Kazakhstan is reportedly planning to officially authorize local banking institutions to open bank accounts for cryptocurrency transactions.Several banks in Kazakhstan will soon be officially approved to service companies and businesses providing exposure to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin… More

  • binance-us-‘looking-at-ipo-route,’-cz-says

    Binance US ‘looking at IPO route,’ CZ says

    Binance is set to face heavy regulations in the future with the mindset of shifting from a tech startup to a financial service, Changpeng Zhao said. Binance US, a United States-based cryptocurrency exchange operating separately from Binance, is looking to go public despite the ongoing regulatory crackdown on Binance.Changpeng Zhao, founder and CEO of the… More

  • 3-reasons-why-traders-think-bitcoin-price-bottomed-at-$29,500
    in ,

    3 reasons why traders think Bitcoin price bottomed at $29,500

    Bitcoin’s bounce above $32,000 boosted the mood among traders who believe the bottom is in, but some analysts caution that heavy resistance blocks the road to new highs. Traders are showing a renewed sense of hope after Bitcoin’s (BTC) price held onto the $32,000 range for what could be the second day in a row. Data… More

  • italian-finance-regulator-issues-warning-on-binance-crypto-exchange

    Italian finance regulator issues warning on Binance crypto exchange

    Italian Companies and Exchange Commission has warned that Binance is not authorized to facilitate crypto investment services in the country. Italy’s securities market regulator, the Italian Companies and Exchange Commission (CONSOB), has issued a statement, in which it said that Binance Group and affiliated companies are unauthorized to provide investment services and operate in Italy.The regulator specified… More

  • softbank-leads-$800m-investment-for-banking-app-revolut

    Softbank leads $800M investment for banking app Revolut

    Now valued at $33 billion, Revolut didn’t rule out a potential IPO this year, but the firm’s CFO suggested that it was unlikely. Revolut, a major British banking app featuring cryptocurrency investment, has secured $800 million in a new funding round.The new investment round is led by Japanese financial giant SoftBank and United States hedge… More

  • fed-chair-says-stablecoins-need-stricter-regulation,-speaks-on-cbdc

    Fed Chair says stablecoins need stricter regulation, speaks on CBDC

    Powell stated that stablecoins need stricter regulations if they are to be part of the payment universe. Jerome Powell, chairman of the Federal Reserve of the United States (Fed) told the House of Representatives today that stablecoins should face stricter regulations similar to money market funds or bank deposits. Powell was asked specifically about Tether (USDT),… More

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