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  • we-all-know-the-issues-with-defi-—-but-what-are-the-answers?
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    We all know the issues with DeFi — but what are the answers?

    High costs and transactions prioritized by gas fees often make using DeFi protocols challenging to say the least. Does it really need to be this difficult? Decentralized exchanges have indelibly changed the way that cryptocurrencies are traded. But in the grand scheme of things, the technology that’s driving these platforms is relatively young… meaning it’s… More

  • mocktailswap’s-‘semi-fungible-token’-project-launches-on-binance-smart-chain
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    MocktailSwap’s ‘Semi-fungible token’ project launches on Binance Smart Chain

    MocktailSwap is reportedly the first ERC-1155 standard token to launch on Binance Smart Chain. MocktailSwap Finance, an up-and-coming DeFi protocol focused on automated market makers, has launched a so-called “semi-fungible token” on the Binance Smart Chain, offering further evidence of innovation in decentralized finance. The semi-fungible token is based on Ethereum’s ERC-1155 standard, which enables a… More

  • polygon-(matic)-jumps-ahead-as-the-race-for-layer-2-adoption-picks-up
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    Polygon (MATIC) jumps ahead as the race for Layer-2 adoption picks up

    Increasing volume and TVL on QuickSwap, along with steady growth in the number of projects joining Polygon have analysts suggesting that MATIC price is undervalued. Recently layer 1 solutions like the Solana (SOL) and Cosmos (ATOM) have grown in prominence thanks to each network’s faster transaction times and lower fees when compared to the Ethereum network.… More

  • pendle-finance-raises-$3.5m-to-launch-secondary-market-for-defi-yields
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    Pendle Finance raises $3.5M to launch secondary market for DeFi yields

    The company is building a tokenization platform to better enable users to manage their DeFi yields. Pendle Finance, a decentralized finance protocol that allows users to tokenize and sell future yields, has completed a private investment round worth $3.5 million to power the next phase of its platform’s evolution. The private investment round included contributions from… More

  • defi-mutual-fund-sheesha-finance-raises-$9.4m
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    DeFi mutual fund Sheesha Finance raises $9.4M

    Sheesha is attempting to make DeFi projects more accessible to mainstream users. Sheesha Finance, a decentralized finance mutual fund based in the United Arab Emirates, has raised $9.44 million over a two-week token sale — underscoring heightened investor demand for DeFi applications. The token sale, known as a liquidity generation event, or LGE, excluded private sales… More