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  • qubit-finance-suffers-$80-million-loss-following-hack
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    Qubit Finance suffers $80 million loss following hack

    The addresses linked to the hack attack have managed to steal 206,809 Binance Coin from Qubit’s QBridge protocol. High-profile hacks have become more prevalent throughout the cryptocurrency market, and Qubit Finance is one of the latest decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols to be exploited by hackers.Hackers were able to access and steal over $80 million from… More

  • what-are-flash-loans-in-defi?
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    What are flash loans in DeFi?

    Flash loans, though relatively new, are quickly rising in popularity. Learn more about these uncollateralized-type loans in crypto in the article below. How can DeFi systems protect themselves from flash loan attacks?A large majority of DeFi hacks are flash loan attacks. Since the technology is new, vulnerabilities are not readily apparent and may require skilled… More

  • finance-redefined:-secret’s-$400m-fund-and-1inch-expanding,-jan.-14–21
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    Finance Redefined: Secret’s $400M fund and 1inch expanding, Jan. 14–21

    Secret Network launched a $400 million DeFi fund and 1inch integrated Avalanche and Gnosis protocols — all coming to you in this week’s Finance Redefined. Welcome to the latest edition of Cointelegraph’s decentralized finance newsletter.Following a bearish decline for many of the leading decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens, it is within the fundamental news where the… More

  • finance-redefined:-terra-expanding-ust-and-luna,-and-aave-arc-seeks-institutional-adoption,-dec-31–jan.-7
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    Finance Redefined: Terra expanding UST and LUNA, and Aave Arc seeks institutional adoption, Dec. 31–Jan. 7

    Terra Research presented a governance proposal to expand the influence of UST and LUNA, Aave Arc launched a DeFi pool for whitelisted projects, and WonderFi Tech purchased First Ledger Corp for $162 million — all coming to you in this week’s Finance Redefined. Welcome to the latest edition of Cointelegraph’s decentralized finance newsletter.The new year… More

  • immunefi-report-$10b-in-defi-hacks-and-losses-across-2021
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    ImmuneFi report $10B in DeFi hacks and losses across 2021

    The research reveals that crypto losses in the nature of exploits and rug-pulls saw a 137% rise in comparison to figure calculated in 2020. Decentralized finance, or DeFi, security platform and bug bounty service ImmuneFi published an official report on Thursday, which calculated the total volume of losses in the cryptocurrency markets in 2021. According… More

  • grayscale-rebalances-defi-fund-dropping-balancer-(bal)-and-uma
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    Grayscale rebalances DeFi Fund dropping Balancer (BAL) and UMA

    Major digital asset manager Grayscale has rebalanced the DeFi Fund for the second time since its inception in July 2021. Crypto asset manager Grayscale Investments has rebalanced its Grayscale DeFi Fund and adjusted weightings of its Digital Large Cap Fund.A Jan. 3 announcement detailed the changes Grayscale made to its two funds. The DeFi Fund’s… More

  • eth2’s-rocket-pool-reaches-$350m-tvl-and-635-node-operators-in-five-weeks
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    Eth2’s Rocket Pool reaches $350M TVL and 635 node operators in five weeks

    “In the staking market, there was significant latent demand for a decentralized option — it just needed our launch to spark an inferno,” said Rocket Pool general manager Darren Langley. Rocket Pool, a decentralized Ethereum 2.0 staking platform has surpassed $350 million worth of total value locked (TVL) within five weeks of its official launch.… More

  • what-is-a-honeypot-crypto-scam-and-how-to-spot-it?
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    What is a honeypot crypto scam and how to spot it?

    A virtual trap to lure attackers so that you can improve security policies is what honeypot aims for! What is a crypto honeypot and why is it used?Smart contracts programs across a decentralized network of nodes can be executed on modern blockchains like Ethereum. Smart contracts are becoming more popular and valuable, making them a… More

  • from-defi-year-to-decade:-is-mass-adoption-here?-experts-answer,-part-1
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    From DeFi year to decade: Is mass adoption here? Experts Answer, Part 1

    Decentralized technologies’ insiders shared their views on DeFi and on the role, achievements and challenges the space faced in 2021. Yaniv Tal of The GraphYaniv is a co-founder and CEO at Edge & Node, and co-founder of The Graph, a decentralized indexing protocol used by blockchains such as Ethereum.“Many people and institutions got started with… More

  • genius-yield’s-ispo-pools-surpass-$118m-within-first-48-hours
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    Genius Yield’s ISPO pools surpass $118M within first 48 hours

    The initial stake pool offering has seen significant uptake, with one of the four GENS pools being nearly fully committed in just two days. On Dec. 15, Genius Yield, a decentralized automated market maker and liquidity management protocol built on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain, announced the launch of its initial stake pool offering, or ISPO.… More

  • ‘defi-is-the-most-dangerous-part-of-the-crypto-world,’-says-senator-elizabeth-warren
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    ‘DeFi is the most dangerous part of the crypto world,’ says Senator Elizabeth Warren

    The U.S. lawmaker claimed that the value of stablecoins would “take a nosedive,” with small investors largely feeling the effects of a potential downturn. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren did not hold back in her criticism of decentralized finance (DeFi), expressing concern about how a run on stablecoins would affect the average investor.In a Tuesday hearing… More

  • bank-of-international-settlement-calls-the-rise-of-decentralized-finance-‘an-illusion’-in-latest-quarterly-review
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    Bank of International Settlement calls the rise of decentralized finance ‘an illusion’ in latest quarterly review

    Even though the total value locked in DeFi protocols has eclipsed $246 billion, it was not enough to please the BIS. On Monday, the Bank of International Settlement, or BIS, a financial institution owned by central banks worldwide, published a report scrutinizing the development of the decentralized finance, or DeFi, industry. The article opened by… More

  • how-to-choose-a-secure-defi-wallet,-explained
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    How to choose a secure DeFi wallet, explained

    DeFi wallets provide users with a gateway into the world of decentralized finance; the only caveat is finding the one that best supports a user’s financial goals. Which wallets are worth considering?The SafePal wallet is designed to address simplicity with a consolidated dashboard and cross-chain swapping features to support users with staking, amongst other earning… More

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