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  • goldman-sachs-launches-limited-btc-derivatives-trading-desk
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    Goldman Sachs launches limited BTC derivatives trading desk

    After years of anticipation, Goldman is finally offering institutional partners trading services. One of the largest investment banks in the world just launched a cryptocurrency trading desk — though executives made sure to specify they would only be trading derivatives, and will not have actual digital assets on the books. A CNBC report this morning revealed… More

  • bullish-eth/btc-pair-revives-the-ethereum-‘flippening’-discussion
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    Bullish ETH/BTC pair revives the Ethereum ‘flippening’ discussion

    Bitcoin price is clinging on to $53,000 while Ethereum’s increasing bullish momentum prompted renewed discussions of an ETH flippening. Bitcoin and the overall cryptocurrency market saw minor losses on April 29 as the market heads into the expiry of $4.2 billion worth of (BTC) options contracts. Data from Cointelegraph Markets and TradingView shows that since reaching a high… More

  • key-bitcoin-price-metric-flashes-its-first-bullish-signal-in-4-months

    Key Bitcoin price metric flashes its first bullish signal in 4 months

    Ethereum price is clearly in a strong bull trend, but derivatives data signals that pro traders are shifting their bullish bias back toward Bitcoin. Bitcoin (BTC) has been struggling to sustain above the $53,000 support for the past three days, while Ether (ETH) soared to a new all-time high at $2,800. In the current scenario,… More

  • 3-things-every-crypto-trader-should-know-about-derivatives-exchanges
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    3 things every crypto trader should know about derivatives exchanges

    Understanding open interest, funding rates and the differences between futures contracts is the starting point for any investor interested in trading crypto-based derivatives. In the past two years futures contracts have become widely popular among cryptocurrency traders and this became more evident as the total open interest on derivatives more than doubled in three months.… More

  • bot-traded-futures,-explained
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    Bot-traded futures, explained

    How do bot-traded futures work, what are the top tips for success, and what are the common pitfalls to avoid? This explained article reveals all. How popular are trading bots in the crypto market right now?According to TradeSanta, demand for trading bots has increased substantially of late.The latest figures from the platform’s website suggest that… More