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  • ‘thank-god-for-bitcoin,’-cynthia-lummis-says-on-us-debt-limit-raise

    ‘Thank God for Bitcoin,’ Cynthia Lummis says on US debt limit raise

    Bitcoin should be there to allow people to save in the event the government fails, Senator Cynthia Lummis said. Amid the United States President Joe Biden signing legislation to raise the government’s debt limit to $28.9 trillion, Senator Cynthia Lummis said that Bitcoin (BTC) is a blessing of God.Senator Lummis gave a speech to the… More

  • swiss-think-tank-initiates-vote-to-add-bitcoin-in-federal-constitution

    Swiss think tank initiates vote to add Bitcoin in federal constitution

    Successful or not, the vote will bring crypto education to people who are not yet Bitcoin-savvy, 2B4CH founder said. 2B4CH, a Swiss non-profit think tank assisting the state in exploring cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and blockchain technology, is launching an initiative that could make Bitcoin one of the country’s reserve assets.On Friday, the association announced… More

  • russia-aims-to-limit-crypto-purchases-by-non-accredited-investors
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    Russia aims to limit crypto purchases by non-accredited investors

    The Bank of Russia also wants to slow down transactions to crypto exchanges to prevent “emotional” crypto purchases. Anatoly Aksakov, chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee on Financial Markets, argued that Russia needs to adopt new laws to protect retail investors from the potential losses of investing in crypto, local news agency Interfax reported on… More

  • imf-recommends-cbdc-and-global-crypto-standards-for-financial-stability

    IMF recommends CBDC and global crypto standards for financial stability

    The new policies recommended by the IMF aim to curb down the financial risks associated with global crypto adoption. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) released a set of policies for the emerging markets and developing economies to ensure financial stability amid global crypto adoption. The IMF believes in the potential of crypto assets as a tool… More

  • defi:-who,-what-and-how-to-regulate-in-a-borderless,-code-governed-world?

    DeFi: Who, what and how to regulate in a borderless, code-governed world?

    The decentralized, disintermediated and borderless blockchain networks challenge regulators, but DeFi is the future of finance. Hold onto your hats, boys and girls! It’s a new world — a financial system without intermediaries, that anyone can access 24 hours a day with only a mobile phone and a wallet! As Julien Bouteloup said to me: “In… More

  • ukraine-joins-the-comity-of-crypto-friendly-nations-with-new-regulation
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    Ukraine joins the comity of crypto-friendly nations with new regulation

    Unlike Russia, Ukraine has passed laws that will ease the adoption of cryptocurrencies within the country. The legal status of cryptocurrencies remains a mixed bag of regulatory positions, depending on the jurisdiction being considered. While some countries move toward blanket prohibitions or stringent regulations, others elect to go with a more open approach to crypto.For… More

  • chinese-regulators-unite-forces-to-crack-down-on-crypto
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    Chinese regulators unite forces to crack down on crypto

    The Chinese central bank is setting up a “coordination mechanism” with state agencies to continue battling crypto. The Chinese government is getting more serious about cracking down on the cryptocurrency industry as state authorities are bringing forces to combat crypto operations in the country.The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) officially announced on Friday a set of… More

  • bybit-crypto-exchange-suspends-services-in-south-korea

    Bybit crypto exchange suspends services in South Korea

    Amid the looming regulatory deadline in South Korea, a major crypto exchange is closing up shop in the country. Bybit, one of the world’s top cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges, will halt some of its services to South Korean users ahead of a licensing deadline.The exchange officially announced on Friday that it will discontinue Korean language support from… More

  • us-treasury-reportedly-in-talks-for-stablecoin-regulation



    US Treasury reportedly in talks for stablecoin regulation

    Treasury officials are studying the risks if too many people decide to withdraw their stablecoins all at once. Amid massive growth of the stablecoin market, the United States Treasury Department has reportedly discussed potential regulation for private stablecoins.The Treasury conducted several meetings last week to examine the risks of stablecoins for users, markets or the… More

  • us-crypto-exchange-crosstower-expands-to-india

    US crypto exchange CrossTower expands to India

    CrossTower is betting on the growing crypto market in India despite uncertainty over the legal status of Bitcoin in the country. United States-based cryptocurrency exchange CrossTower is expanding operations to India despite the ongoing legal uncertainty over local crypto regulation.CrossTower has set up a local division in India and launched a cryptocurrency trading platform to… More

  • sec-reportedly-contracts-blockchain-analytics-firm-to-monitor-defi-industry
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    SEC reportedly contracts blockchain analytics firm to monitor DeFi industry

    “The SEC is very keen on understanding what is happening in the world of smart contract-based digital assets,” said Victor Fang. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has reportedly signed a $125,000 deal with blockchain analytics firm AnChain.AI to help monitor and regulate the decentralized finance industry.According to a Friday report from Forbes, an AnChain.AI… More

  • the-new-episode-of-crypto-regulation:-the-empire-strikes-back
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    The new episode of crypto regulation: The Empire Strikes Back

    A decentralized exchange reckoning is coming — and it’s bigger than the infrastructure bill — thus, the DeFi community must be ready. The latest news has left the decentralized finance community in a collective fetal position. Responding to the threat of increased regulatory oversight, leading decentralized exchange Uniswap recently restricted the trading of certain tokens.… More

  • buying-bitcoin-is-like-entering-a-minefield,-bank-of-russia-exec-says
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    Buying Bitcoin is like entering a minefield, Bank of Russia exec says

    The Bank of Russia has expressed concerns over the increasing number of local investors pouring their money into Bitcoin. The Russian central bank has once again reiterated its negative stance on Bitcoin (BTC), with one of the bank’s top executives comparing the cryptocurrency with a pyramid scheme.Sergey Shvetsov, the first deputy governor at the Bank… More

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