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  • el-salvador-buys-its-cheapest-410-bitcoin-as-prices-reach-$36k

    El Salvador buys its cheapest 410 Bitcoin as prices reach $36K

    President Nayib Bukele confirmed that the purchase of 410 BTC was made against $15 million, placing the trading price at approximately $36,585 per BTC. The Central American country of El Salvador has added 410 Bitcoin (BTC) to its central reserve as BTC prices trade below $37,000, a price last seen on July 26, 2021. The fresh… More

  • sec-advisory-committee-member-calls-agency-to-open-for-public-comment-on-crypto-regulation

    SEC Advisory Committee member calls agency to open for public comment on crypto regulation

    “This open call for comment is the only way to appropriately crowdsource this issue and appropriately develop a digital asset regulation Genesis Block,” said J.W. Verret. Associate law professor and member of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Investor Advisory Committee J.W. Verret is calling for the government agency to open for public comment in regards… More

  • 2021:-a-year-of-mass-adoption-for-cryptocurrencies-in-brazil
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    2021: A year of mass adoption for cryptocurrencies in Brazil

    2021 was a year of affirmation for the Brazilian crypto market with good news in the national stock market, the promise of a CBDC and Brazilian soccer joining the game. Throughout 2021, the Brazilian cryptocurrency market managed to distance itself from the police pages and finally win acceptance with the general public, whether in the… More

  • president-biden-taps-economists-for-fed-governors’-seats,-sarah-bloom-raskin-as-vice-chair-for-supervision

    President Biden taps economists for Fed governors’ seats, Sarah Bloom Raskin as vice chair for supervision

    According to the U.S. President, the three nominees have the “experience, judgment and integrity to lead the Federal Reserve and to help build our economy back better for working families.” The White House has officially tapped former Fed governor Sarah Bloom Raskin to serve as the vice chair for supervision for the Federal Reserve, as… More

  • indian-inx-exchange-reportedly-plans-to-list-bitcoin-futures-etf
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    Indian INX exchange reportedly plans to list Bitcoin futures ETF

    The India International Exchange is reportedly looking to explore digital asset-based products despite local uncertainty. Despite the ongoing uncertainty about cryptocurrency regulation in India, local financial firms are backing new ventures aiming to launch Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded funds (ETF).Torus Kling Blockchain, a joint venture between Cosmea Financial Holding, a financial firm backed by former Reliance… More

  • brazilian-mayor-to-reportedly-invest-1%-of-city-reserves-in-bitcoin
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    Brazilian mayor to reportedly invest 1% of city reserves in Bitcoin

    Rio de Janeiro mayor Eduardo Paes talked about Bitcoin with Miami mayor and BTC bull Francis Suarez at Rio Innovation Week. Eduardo Paes, mayor of Brazilian city Rio de Janeiro, wants to allocate 1% of the city’s treasury into Bitcoin (BTC), Cointelegraph Brazil reported.Paes reportedly announced plans for “Crypto Rio,” or turning the city into… More

  • iran-to-allow-crypto-payments-for-international-trade:-report

    Iran to allow crypto payments for international trade: Report

    Iran is reportedly looking to unlock opportunities for importers and exporters to use crypto in international deals. The Central Bank of Iran, or CBI, and the Ministry of Trade have reached an agreement to link the CBI’s payment platform to a trade system allowing businesses to settle payments using cryptocurrencies, the Mehr News Agency reported… More

  • binance-taps-former-central-bank-exec-to-push-compliance-in-cis-and-russia

    Binance taps former central bank exec to push compliance in CIS and Russia

    Binance makes another major strategic move in one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency miner regions. Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, is putting more effort into increasing compliance in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Russia and Ukraine.Binance is planning to extend its operations in the region and boost local cryptocurrency compliance and education, Gleb… More

  • uk-lawmakers-form-crypto-advocacy-group-for-parliament:-report

    UK lawmakers form crypto advocacy group for parliament: Report

    “We are at a crucial time for the sector as global policymakers are also now reviewing their approach to crypto and how it should be regulated,” said the group’s chairperson and MP Lisa Cameron. Lisa Cameron, a member of parliament for the United Kingdom’s House of Commons, is reportedly chairing a lobbying group aimed at… More

  • bank-of-jamaica-completes-first-cbdc-pilot

    Bank of Jamaica completes first CBDC pilot

    The Bank of Jamaica initially partnered with the Irish cryptography firm eCurrency Mint for its CBDC project in March 2021. The Bank of Jamaica (BoJ) has successfully completed its f central bank digital currency (CBDC), targeting a national rollout in the first quarter of 2022.After proceeding with initial CBDC prototype testing in March 2021, Jamaica’s… More

  • sec-chair-has-a-new-senior-adviser-for-crypto

    SEC chair has a new senior adviser for crypto

    Corey Frayer has worked as a staff member of the Senate Banking Committee as well as a senior policy adviser for some members of the House Financial Services Committee. United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chair Gary Gensler has added a new staff member who will offer advice related to crypto policymaking and interagency… More

  • 100-digital-payment-token-firms-in-singapore-fail-to-win-licenses:-report

    100 digital payment token firms in Singapore fail to win licenses: Report

    The Monetary Authority of Singapore wants to support crypto and blockchain adoption in the country but it’s also willing to recognize the risks. More than 100 out of 170 “digital payment token services” in Singapore have reportedly failed to obtain licenses from the local financial regulator, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, or MAS. Amid apparently tough… More

  • el-salvador-buys-21-bitcoin-to-celebrate-dec.-21,-2021

    El Salvador buys 21 Bitcoin to celebrate Dec. 21, 2021

    Buying Bitcoin is becoming a way of celebrating different occasions or playing around with meaningful figures by El Salvador. The government of El Salvador continues celebrating significant days by buying more Bitcoin (BTC), with President Nayib Bukele announcing a new purchase of 21 BTC on Tuesday.Worth around $1,036,000 at the time of writing, El Salvador’s… More

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