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    These 3 Low P/E Stocks Trade Below Book Value And Pay Dividends

    value investment concept.getty These are value stocks. You can tell by the low price-earnings ratio, the fact that they are now trading below their book value and that they pay dividends to their investors. Obviously there’s more to a value stock but if you start with those 3 basic factors, you’re probably on your way… More

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    FTX Failure Reminds Investors: Crypto Investor Protection Does Not Exist

    From right, Terrence A. Duffy, CEO of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX … [+] US Derivatives, Christopher Edmonds, chief development officer of the Intercontinental Exchange, and Christopher Perkins, president of CoinFund, testify during the House Agriculture Committee hearing titled Changing Market Roles: The FTX Proposal and Trends in New Clearinghouse Models,… More

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    The Good And Bad: TotalEnergies SE & Trinity Industries

    Businessman trading online stock market on teblet screen, digital investment conceptgetty Eight new stocks made our Most Attractive list this month, while 12 new stocks joined the Most Dangerous list. October Performance Recap The Most Attractive Stocks (+4.7%) outperformed the S&P 500 (+1.9%) from October 5, 2022 through November 1, 2022 by 2.8%. The best… More

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    This Week In Credit Card News: Inflation Causes Record High Card Rates; Travel Cards Giving Great Rewards

    Credit Card Rates Hit a Record High as Fed Fights Inflation It’s never a great time to carry credit card debt. But right now is arguably the worst time. The Federal Reserve’s war on inflation has driven up the average credit card APR to 19.04% as of November 9, according to That’s the highest… More

  • wall-street-goes-crazy:-the-numbers
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    Wall Street Goes Crazy: The Numbers

    The S&P 500 jumped 5.54% today. How weird is that? Big percentage move, 1929Bettmann Archive Yikes. Stocks up 5.54% in one day. How often does that happen? And does today provide fresh evidence that investors are irrational? Answer to first question: Very, very rarely. Here is a list of the biggest up moves in the… More

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    What Is Tax Lien Investing?

    |Getty Images Key takeaways Tax lien investing allows you to purchase a tax lien certificate issued by the local government when a property owner has unpaid property taxes. A tax lien certificate includes unpaid taxes along with interest and fees. The investor purchases this debt and is repaid with an agreed-upon interest rate when the… More

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    7 Credit Card Bonuses Worth A Combined $5,400

    Credit card rewards are big business. Forty-seven percent of adults say they’ve used a credit card simply for its rewards. Many credit card rewards are sold based on the promise of free travel. In contrast, we save and invest our credit card rewards. LONDON – MARCH 01: A sample of the American Express RED, the… More

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    How To Invest In Ukraine: Top Ukrainian Stocks On Global Markets

    HOSTOMEL, UKRAINE – Ukrainian soldier waves the national flag standing on top of an armourd … [+] personnel carrier (APC). Getty Images Key Takeaways Global authorities have attempted to navigate the situation by introducing sanctions against Russia, which has led to serious supply chain issues. Ukraine has had to deal with port closures and safety… More

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