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  • nft-based-game-splinterlands-raises-$3.6m-via-private-token-sale

    NFT-based game Splinterlands raises $3.6M via private token sale

    Only 6.6% of the supply of the SPS token was reserved for the private sale. Purchasers are subject to a minimum 10-month vesting period. Splinterlands — a trading card game built on the blockchain — has concluded a private token sale that netted the company $3.6 million in proceeds, offering further evidence that investors are… More

  • yahoo!-japan-works-with-line-to-launch-nft-trading

    Yahoo! Japan works with Line to launch NFT trading

    Yahoo! Japan collaborates with messaging giant Line to enable secondary trading of NFTs issued on Line’s proprietary blockchain. Major Japanese internet company Yahoo! Japan has partnered with messaging giant Line to launch nonfungible token (NFT) trading.Line officially announced Tuesday that its cryptocurrency-focused subsidiary LVC Corporation would collaborate with Yahoo! Japan to enable secondary trading of… More

  • axie-infinity-(axs)-axes-almost-half-its-value-following-971%-bull-run

    Axie Infinity (AXS) axes almost half its value following 971% bull run

    The governance token earlier rallied exponentially despite dull price actions in the broader cryptocurrency market. A supersonic rally in the Axie Infinity market that saw its native token AXS surge by 972% in just 23 days is now risking exhaustion.AXS price Fib fractalThe AXS/USD exchange rate plunged to as low as $16.02 on Monday, four… More

  • ethereum-documentary-featuring-vitalik-buterin-raises-$1.9m-in-3-days

    Ethereum documentary featuring Vitalik Buterin raises $1.9M in 3 days

    Slated to premiere in winter 2023, the film will approach Ethereum as an “infinite garden,” laying out its blockchain as a “decentralized ecosystem with soil, plants, and insects.” The cryptocurrency community is highly anticipating the release of a new documentary about the Ethereum blockchain, with the film’s funding campaign exceeding expectations.A crowdfunding round for the… More

  • altcoin-bulls-pile-into-synthetix-(snx),-axie-infinity-(axs)-and-eos
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    Altcoin bulls pile into Synthetix (SNX), Axie Infinity (AXS) and EOS

    Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro shows SNX, AXS and EOS as the strongest 24-hour gainers as the bullish momentum in DeFi and NFT tokens continues to build. Bitcoin’s (BTC) steady range-bound trading opened the door for select altcoins to rally higher as antsy traders scour the markets in search of profitable opportunities. Data from Cointelegraph Markets… More

  • utility-focused-nfts:-the-future-of-blockchain-art?
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    Utility-focused NFTs: the future of blockchain art?

    To stand out in a saturated market, NFT startups should focus on real use cases, according to COO at NFTY Labs, Titan Inc. Transitioning from static digital collectibles to tokens with real utility will lead to a new generation of NFTs according to Tytan Inc the COO of NFTY labs, a platform focused on building… More

  • digital-turns-physical:-top-nft-galleries-to-visit-in-person-in-2021

    Digital turns physical: Top NFT galleries to visit in-person in 2021

    Nine in-person NFT galleries and exhibitions have already opened or are set to open this year, and one could be near you. As restrictions seem to be easing for many, people who are looking to leave their houses and discover their region or country can ride the nonfungible token (NFT) wave with physical exhibitions and… More

  • thai-sec-bans-exchanges-from-handling-certain-token-types-including-nfts

    Thai SEC bans exchanges from handling certain token types including NFTs

    Local exchanges now have until July 11 to update their rules for listing tokens in order to be in compliance with SEC guidelines. Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission has approved guidelines prohibiting crypto exchanges in the country from supporting four different types of tokens in certain cases.In a Friday announcement from the Thai SEC, the… More

  • binance-nft-marketplace-looks-to-capture-market-share-via-‘100-creators-campaign’

    Binance NFT Marketplace looks to capture market share via ‘100 Creators Campaign’

    In an effort to attract users, Binance is casting a wide net to bring in artists, celebrities and athletes. In an increasingly crowded marketplace for marketplaces, Binance is going on the offensive with a business development push aimed at bringing “100 Creators” to their forthcoming nonfungible token (NFT) platform. In a press release today, Binance announced… More

  • delphi-digital-forms-$5-million-nft-investment-‘syndicate’
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    Delphi Digital forms $5 million NFT investment ‘syndicate’

    The new investment wing will focus on NFTs and NFT infrastructure. Delphi Digital — a multiservice cryptocurrency investment, consulting and research firm — announced on Friday the launch of “Delphi InfinNFT,” a new investment wing focused on nonfungible tokens and the NFT ecosystem.Per a post on Twitter, the fund will invest upward of $5 million… More

  • ebay-exploring-crypto-payment-options-and-nft-auctions
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    Ebay exploring crypto payment options and NFT auctions

    According to CEO Jamie Iannone, eBay will be “exploring opportunities” to enable nonfungible tokens. Major online marketplace eBay will be pursuing crypto payment options for its customers along with exploring ways to introduce nonfungible tokens on the platform.In an interview with CNBC today, eBay CEO Jamie Iannone said the company will “continue to look” at… More

  • mocktailswap’s-‘semi-fungible-token’-project-launches-on-binance-smart-chain
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    MocktailSwap’s ‘Semi-fungible token’ project launches on Binance Smart Chain

    MocktailSwap is reportedly the first ERC-1155 standard token to launch on Binance Smart Chain. MocktailSwap Finance, an up-and-coming DeFi protocol focused on automated market makers, has launched a so-called “semi-fungible token” on the Binance Smart Chain, offering further evidence of innovation in decentralized finance. The semi-fungible token is based on Ethereum’s ERC-1155 standard, which enables a… More

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