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  • south-dakota-turned-itself-into-a-tax-haven.-but-why?
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    South Dakota Turned Itself Into A Tax Haven. But Why?

    Ecuador’s newly sworn-in President Guillermo Lasso. He allegedly transferred assets to trusts in … [+] South Dakota in 2017 amid reports that questioned his interests in a bank in Panama. (Photo by Cristina Vega RHOR / AFP) (Photo by CRISTINA VEGA RHOR/AFP via Getty Images) AFP via Getty Images In recent decades, South Dakota has… More

  • maximum-social-security-taxes-will-increase-29%,-while-benefits-will-rise-5.9%-in-2022
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    Maximum Social Security Taxes Will Increase 2.9%, While Benefits Will Rise 5.9% In 2022

    How much will you pay in Social Security taxes and how much will you get in benefits? getty The Social Security Administration announced key numbers today that affect workers and retirees—a substantial increase in the taxable wage base for workers and the biggest increase in benefits for retirees in decades. First the wage base news. The… More

  • how-making-public-long-term-care-insurance-(sort-of)-voluntary-created-a-mess-in-washington-state
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    How Making Public Long-Term Care Insurance (Sort Of) Voluntary Created A Mess In Washington State

    KIRKLAND, WA – AUGUST 24: Deborah Trigueiro reacts to seeing her husband Douglas Smith at the Life … [+] Care Center (Photo by Karen Ducey/Getty Images) Getty Images When Washington State legislators approved a public long-term care (LTC) insurance program in 2019, they made a last-minute change: Residents could opt out if they purchased private… More

  • what-are-the-3-worst-tax-scams?
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    What Are The 3 Worst Tax Scams?

    Some crooks get creative over time, but they have the same ploy: Deceive people into thinking they are getting rich overnight. That’s generally how it works with tax scams, only a old tool is employed: Selling investments that promise outlandish tax breaks. Here are three swindles based on that kind of pitch, according to the… More

  • why-“pennies-on-the-dollar”-irs-settlement-is-often-a-fraud
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    Why “Pennies On The Dollar” IRS Settlement Is Often A Fraud

    You’ve’ probably seen the pitch: “Do you owe the IRS? We can help you settle for pennies on the dollar.” Such claims are often fraudulent. An untold number of “offer-in-compromise” (OIC) companies are out there deceiving taxpayers, according to the IRS. “We’re increasingly concerned that people having trouble paying their taxes are being duped into… More

  • lularoe-and-a-yoga-studio-story-have-a-lot-in-common:-locking-workers-in-place
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    LuLaRoe And A Yoga Studio Story Have A Lot In Common: Locking Workers In Place

    Colorfully printed leggings.Samantha Hall of Cumru Township works a full-time job but also runs a … [+] LulaRoe clothing sales business out of her Flying Hills apartment. Photo by Jeremy Drey 10/3/2017 (Photo By Jeremy Drey/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images) MediaNews Group via Getty Images You’ve probably heard of LuLaRoe, the multilevel marketing clothing… More

  • should-you-worry-about-social-security?
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    Should You Worry About Social Security?

    Man wearing a suit with a concerned expression holding a social security card getty Some headlines are sure to draw eyeballs. Case in point, each time the Social Security Administration issues its annual report, there will be a series of articles discussing the fact the that the Social Security trust fund will run out of… More

  • how-to-minimize-your-child’s-student-loan-debt
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    How To Minimize Your Child’s Student Loan Debt

    Successful laughing female student showing thumb up with friends in background in front of … [+] university building outdoor in summer in city getty Do you have a minor child? If so, are you worried about how they’ll be able to go to college without the burden of too much debt? Here are some ways… More

  • where-can-you-find-‘one-stop-shopping’-for-social-security
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    Where Can You Find ‘One-Stop Shopping’ For Social Security

    John F. WasikContributorOpinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.I am an author, speaker and journalist specializing in investor and consumer protection. I always loved the idea of getting nearly everything I need in one place. Like a lot of guys, I hate shopping around. One recent discovery is the Social Security Administration’s “mySocialSecurity” portal.… More

  • how-social-security-offsets-the-‘motherhood-penalty’
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    How Social Security Offsets The ‘Motherhood Penalty’

    When women leave the workforce to raise children, they often suffer a hit: They lose earnings and benefits if they don’t have a paid maternal leave. Down the road, the “motherhood penalty” impacts women at retirement, since Social Security benefits are based on lifetime earnings. “When women become mothers, their earnings often take a substantial,… More

  • what-you-don’t-know-about-social-security-may-hurt-you
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    What You Don’t Know About Social Security May Hurt You

    Did you know Social Security is more than a retirement program? It offers disability and spousal benefits and there are lots of rule governing who gets benefits and how much. Surprisingly, few Americans understand the basic details of how the nation’s most essential — and successful — social insurance program works. According to a recent… More

  • the-annuity-that-lets-you-change-your-mind
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    The Annuity That Lets You Change Your Mind

    How is this possible—a retirement pension that you can undo? Golfing in Canada (Photo by David Cannon) Getty Images Most lifetime annuities are irrevocable. But three months ago a Canadian company, Purpose Investments, began offering the Purpose Longevity Pension Fund, a lifetime annuity with an exit door. You can put your money in now, start… More

  • how-couples-can-boost-their-overall-social-security-benefits
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    How Couples Can Boost Their Overall Social Security Benefits

    Let’s say you’re married and your spouse is younger than you are. When’s the best time to file for and receive the highest-possible benefits? The quick answer: It depends. One easy way to max out benefits is for the higher-earning spouse to wait as long as possible to claim. You can file as early as… More

  • crypto-confusion-shows-why-congress-is-broken
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    Crypto Confusion Shows Why Congress Is Broken

    PARIS, FRANCE – FEBRUARY 26: Cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase filed for registration with … [+] the SEC and will likely be the largest IPO of the year. (Photo illustration by Chesnot/Getty Images) Getty Images In what has become common practice, a handful of senators and Administration staffers tried over a few days to draft a… More

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