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    The Retirement Plan Option You May Not Have Heard Of

    Shot of a couple going over paperwork together at home getty Are you maxing out your employer’s retirement plan contributions? Did you know you might be able to put additional money into your plan after-tax? (The 2021 annual IRS limit for the total of all annual contributions is the lesser of 100% of your compensation… More

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    The New Death Tax In The Biden Tax Proposal: Major Tax Change

    They are known as the only certainties…but the proposed changes to taxes on inherited assets would … [+] certainly mean paying more and inheriting less. getty A key and controversial provision of President Biden’s tax overhaul proposal would cost families billions of dollars in additional taxes is the proposed shift from ‘Step-up’ basis to ‘Carryover’… More

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    Making The Most Of Our Money Mishaps

    Perfection in financial planning is impossible and its pursuit may actually be counterproductive. It may be better said that financial planning is fundamentally an exercise in mistake management and minimization. Much like major league batters in baseball, three-point shooters in basketball, and football quarterbacks in pursuit of completing passes, you may well fall short more… More

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    Five Facts About The New Advance Child Tax Credit

    The advance Child Tax Credit payments to qualifying families are set to start in July and arrive … [+] monthly through December. getty We are a few weeks away from the arrival of advance Child Tax Credit (CTC) payments (July 15). If your family is potentially eligible for the payments, you might have already received… More

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    Maximizing The Power Of Donor-Advised Funds

    getty Thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act enacted in 2017, use of donor-advised funds (DAFs) is soaring. They remain one of the best ways for many people to maximize the tax benefits of charitable giving. Contributions to DAFS increased by 80% from 2015 to 2019, according to the National Philanthropic Trust (NPT). Grantmaking… More

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    Meet The 66-Year-Old Dancer In ‘In The Heights’

    By Tracey Y. Smith, Next Avenue WireImage, Watching “In the Heights,” the hot summer movie launching in theaters and on HBO Max this week, you’ll see the effervescent 66-year-old dancer Lillian Colón. This is the first big film for Colón, a native New Yorker and Puerto Rican who became the first Latina Radio City Rockette in 1987.… More

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    If This Case Doesn’t Convince You To Always Have An Updated Professionally-Written Will, Nothing Will

    getty An extraordinary court case from Oklahoma shows the importance of having a will that is in writing and clearly written, preferably by an experienced estate planning professional. A man passed away, survived by his two adult children and a grandson. He left a one-sentence handwritten will (known as a holographic will) that left everything… More

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    Improve Your Retirement Finances By Doing Less

    getty Sometimes normal human instincts don’t lead to the best actions. That’s a basic finding of behavioral finance research, and it’s true of a lot of retirement planning. People often believe that taking more actions is better than doing less, but doing more often doesn’t improve retirement plans and often can make them worse. For… More

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    Be Careful With A Roth Conversion

    Take the time to analyze whether a Roth conversion will reduce or increase the income taxes you pay. getty Are you considering converting part or all of your traditional IRA or 401k accounts to a Roth account because you’re worried that future income tax rates will increase? If you are, you’ll want to conduct a… More

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    What Hedges Your Bonds Best—Gold Or Bitcoin?

    Sometimes it makes sense to add risky assets to a conservative portfolio. Things to hoard (Photo by Yuriko Nakao) Getty Images Holy grail for the fixed-income investor: an asset that has a decent return of its own and runs counter to the bond market. Blend this magic stuff with your Treasury bonds and you’d have… More

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