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  • framework-to-ban-members-of-congress-and-scotus-from-trading-stocks-includes-crypto-provision
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    Framework to ban members of Congress and SCOTUS from trading stocks includes crypto provision

    A bill based on the proposed framework banning crypto investments could help to “restore the public’s faith and trust in their public officials,” according to Zoe Lofgren. Members of the United States House of Representatives and Senate as well as Supreme Court justices currently trading cryptocurrencies may have to stop HODLing while in office should… More

  • us-treasury-clarifies-publishing-tornado-cash’s-code-does-not-violate-sanctions

    US Treasury clarifies publishing Tornado Cash’s code does not violate sanctions

    Residents would not be violating sanctions by visiting Tornado Cash’s website, copying the mixer’s open-source code, nor making the code available online or in print. The United States Department of the Treasury said “interacting” with cryptocurrency mixer Tornado Cash’s open-source code, with certain provisions, would not be in violation of sanctions imposed by the Office… More

  • ‘we’re-not-giving-crypto-a-pass’-on-enforcement-action,-says-sec’s-gurbir-grewal

    ‘We’re not giving crypto a pass’ on enforcement action, says SEC’s Gurbir Grewal

    The SEC enforcement director said the commission “will continue to bring actions regardless of what label is used or technology is involved,” including cryptocurrencies. Gurbir Grewal, the enforcement director for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, said the financial regulator will continue to investigate and bring enforcement actions against crypto firms, despite the narrative… More

  • cftc-and-sec-open-comments-for-proposal-to-amend-crypto-reporting-rules-for-large-hedge-funds

    CFTC and SEC open comments for proposal to amend crypto reporting rules for large hedge funds

    The public was invited to comment on whether the regulators should use the term “crypto asset” instead of “digital asset” in proposed changes to Form PF. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, or CFTC, have called for comments on a proposal which would require large advisers… More

  • crypto-mining-can-benefit-texas-energy-industry:-comptroller’s-office

    Crypto mining can benefit Texas energy industry: Comptroller’s office

    Given the unique positioning of the crypto mining market, Texas officials believe miners can participate in demand response programs — which involve turning off miners’ power during peak demand. The United States filled in the wide gap in Bitcoin (BTC) mining that was left open by China by the end of June 2021. Despite looming rumors… More

  • ftx-us-among-5-companies-to-receive-cease-and-desist-letters-from-fdic
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    FTX US among 5 companies to receive cease and desist letters from FDIC

    The government agency had previously stated that deposits at non-bank entities, including crypto firms, are not covered by FDIC insurance. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has issued cease and desist letters to five companies for allegedly making false representations about deposit insurance related to cryptocurrencies.FDIC issued a Friday press release disclosing cease and desist… More

  • coin-center-may-challenge-us-treasury’s-sanctions-on-tornado-cash-in-court

    Coin Center may challenge US Treasury’s sanctions on Tornado Cash in court

    “By treating autonomous code as a ‘person’ OFAC exceeds its statutory authority,” said Coin Center’s Jerry Brito and Peter Van Valkenburgh. United States-based crypto policy advocacy group Coin Center said it intended to “pursue administrative relief” for individuals affected by Tornado Cash sanctions imposed by the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Asset Control, or OFAC.In… More

  • built-to-fall?-as-the-cbdc-sun-rises,-stablecoins-may-catch-a-shadow

    Built to fall? As the CBDC sun rises, stablecoins may catch a shadow

    Will central banks allow stablecoins to survive? Can they peacefully co-exist with central bank digital currency as a financial instrument for the unbanked? There’s a ferment brewing with regard to central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), and most people really don’t know what to expect. Varied effects seem to be bubbling up in different parts of… More

  • us-treasury-sanctions-usdc-and-eth-addresses-connected-to-tornado-cash

    US Treasury sanctions USDC and ETH addresses connected to Tornado Cash

    The protocol was at the center of some recent hacks and exploits in decentralized finance, including the alleged theft of $455 million by the North Korea-affiliated Lazarus Group. The United States Treasury Department has added more than 40 cryptocurrency addresses allegedly connected to controversial mixer Tornado Cash to the Specially Designated Nationals list of the… More

  • us-ethics-advisory-on-federal-employee’s-crypto-has-basis-in-legislation

    US ethics advisory on federal employee’s crypto has basis in legislation

    The Office of Government Ethics reminded federal agency ethics officers of current law and extended its interpretation of the law to mutual funds. When the United States Office of Government Ethics (OGE) released its Legal Advisory 22-04 on July 5, most attention was given to its conclusion that federal employees who own any amount of… More

  • us-lawmakers-say-crypto-industry-has-a-‘tech-bro’-problem-hurting-innovation

    US lawmakers say crypto industry has a ‘tech bro’ problem hurting innovation

    Venture capitalists tend to invest in companies with predominantly white male leadership, while women and people of color “remain in the waiting room,” according to Stephen Lynch. According to some United States lawmakers in the House Financial Services Committee, the lack of diversity in the financial technology space could be hurting many companies’ bottom lines.In… More

  • coinbase-providing-customer-geolocation-data-to-ice:-report

    Coinbase providing customer geolocation data to ICE: Report

    The U.S. government agency is reportedly using Coinbase Tracer to access customers’ historical geo-tracking data and transactions on over a dozen cryptocurrencies. A new report has indicated that crypto exchange Coinbase has provided Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents with a “suite of features” intended for tracking the company’s customers. According to the report, ICE… More

  • cftc-brings-$1.7b-fraud-case-involving-bitcoin-against-south-african-national
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    CFTC brings $1.7B fraud case involving Bitcoin against South African national

    “The defendants misappropriated, either directly or indirectly, all of the Bitcoin they accepted from the pool participants,” said the CFTC. The United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission, or CFTC, has taken enforcement action against a South African national in what the regulatory body called its “largest fraudulent scheme involving Bitcoin.”In a Thursday announcement, the CFTC… More

  • cathie-wood-sells-coinbase-shares-amid-insider-trading-allegations
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    Cathie Wood sells Coinbase shares amid insider trading allegations

    Cathie Wood’s investment firm ARK Investment Management is the third-largest shareholder of Coinbase, reportedly holding nearly $9 million as of late June. One of the largest stockholders of the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange has dumped a massive amount of shares as regulators reportedly probe the firm for alleged insider trading.Cathie Wood’s investment firm Ark Investment Management… More

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